Fire Separation Requirements In Hangar Home Design And Construction

Constructing a Hangar Home

Designing and building a hangar home has several  factors that are not encountered in routine custom home projects.One question of interest is properly determining the requirements for fire separation between the hangar and the dwelling. Understanding and preparing for this can help bypass some frustrating issues during plan approval and construction inspections.


Fly In To Airport Tiki from Ridge Landing Airpark

Fun Flying Destinations in Florida

What To Do When Flying Near Airport Tiki In Fort Pierce, Florida

Within Ridge Landing’s residential airpark, we enjoy providing our residents with an array of options for a night out, whether you’re up for dinner, dancing, or just looking for a scenic view – from the ground, of course – because while we understand the passion for flying, sometimes it’s refreshing to stay ocean level rather than well above it.


Airpark Life – An Outline for Living the Ultimate Aviation Lifestyle

A Pilot’s Guide to Landing in an Aviation Community

Definition: Airpark life is living in an aviators focused special-purpose community. It is living with a community of people in a unique place, all sharing an interest in aviation.Residential Airparks in Florida

Airparks: Communities with development features designed to accommodate airplanes and aviators living with their home and aviation. This usually consists of real estate, runway(s), common areas, taxiways, in addition to the normal residential real estate considerations.

Disclaimer and disclosure: This forum is for informational purpose. I have specific and financial interest in 2 airpark properties and will make every consideration to be honest, unbiased, and impartial. I am a Florida licensed real estate sales associate. This document is advisory only, and should never be used as a substitute for proper professional counsel.[social-locker locker_id=”cba408c1f05d2829c” close=”false” message=”Share this page to unlock and download the Airpark Life eBook in Printable and PDF format!” facebook=”true” likeurl=”CURRENT” fbshare=”false” google=”true” googleurl=”CURRENT” tweet=”true” tweettext=”” tweeturl=”CURRENT” follow=”true” linkedin=”true” linkedinurl=”CURRENT”]Click the book or the link to download the Airpark Life eBook in PDF Format Airpark-Life-eBookairpark-life[/social-locker]


Man Found Dead in Wellington Aero Club Plane Crash

Devastating Plane Crash in Wellington Residential Airpark

A few hours ago we heard some devastating news regarding a plane crash at the Wellington Aero Club. We are waiting to hear more from The From the Federal Aviation Administration but here is the information that we gathered so far.


Ridge Landing Airpark Resident One Of The First To Own ICON Aircraft

Amphibian Aircrafts at Ridge Landing Airpark

As residential aviation properties are growing in popularity, so is the demand for high-quality and innovative aircrafts. Ridge Landing Airpark, known for some of the most premier residential aircraft properties, has one of their residents on a waiting list for the ICON Aircraft which is still under construction. (more…)

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