Flying Into The Hangar Restaurant And Flight Lounge

The Hangar Restaurant & Flight Lounge Fly In Vacation

One of the glory’s of owning and piloting your own personal aircraft is being able to see so many places in just one day. While our Ridge Landing Residential Airpark is located in Central Florida, we encourage our residents to fly and see everything the Sunshine State has to offer. There is one restaurant in particular that was designed for flight enthusiasts to grab a quick bite to eat while traveling.

Top 6 Theories for Missing Malaysian Flight 370

Update on what happened to Malaysian Flight 370:

Monday Evening, Malaysian Parliament, Prime Minister Najib Razak, proclaimed that the Boeing 777 had gone down in the sea with no survivors.

This was not satisfactory for Hundreds of relatives and friends trooped into Malaysian Embassy in Beijing, where they tossed bottles, while rushing the gates chanting, “Liars!”

There is still no proof or debri from the Boeing 777 found, just speculation and guesswork but this has not eased the pain for the friends and family of the passengers on board Malaysian Flight 370.

It was hijacked by passengers

This seems to be the top theory right now. The number of people trying to enter cockpits in the last year has been on the rise. So far, no terrorist organizations are “claiming” to have hijacked the plane, which is odd. Normally a group will take credit for something like this within 24 hours or less.
Also the last words from the planes communication system were

Fly Into Ridge Landing Airpark We Guarantee to Make your Dreams Come True

A personal promise from John Fazzini developer of Ridge Landing Airpark and owner of International Aviation Group.

  1. We promise to provide the very ultimate in a luxurious aviation lifestyle for those who love to fly
  2. We promise you that the runway will be owned and controlled by you and other homeowners
  3. (more…)

Florida Seaplane Facts For Seaplane Pilots

Florida Seaplane Laws

While Florida is well known for easy ocean access, there are also some great fresh water lakes for seaplane enthusiasts to land their birds in. At Ridge Landing Residential Airpark, we are conveniently located five minutes from Crooked Lake, a notorious seaplane landing spot.

Tips to Investing in Your First Personal General Aviation Aircraft

Investing in General Aviation Aircraft

No matter how many hours you may have logged while piloting an airplane, owning your own aircraft is a serious investment. While we at Ridge Landing Airpark are massive flight enthusiasts, we believe in investing in an aircraft if you can afford it. (more…)

Siljan Airpark the Only Airpark in Northern Europe

Siljan Airpark the only Airpark in Northern Europe

Located at the beautiful Lake Siljan, in the county of Dalecarlia, where some of the most picturesque nature in Sweden is found. Only 4906 miles (7894km) from Ridge Landing Airpark, Sijian Airpark comprises three elements:

  1. The Siljan Airpark Museum with Siljan AirPark Flying Circus inspired by Ol’ Rhinebeck
  2. The Siljansnäs Flying Club
  3. The ”Village”


Airborne Law Enforcement taking off in Florida

Tracking fugitives with aviation technology

Airborne Law Enforcement has been in existence almost since the inception of the first airplane. The industry as a whole is ever-evolving, with military and law enforcement operations concentrated on obtaining a better vantage point via aerial operations.

While the New York City Police Department claims to be the first airborne unit created in 1929, the actual creator of the first unit is highly contested. Initially, airplanes ruled the skies, but when helicopters became more prevalent law enforcement agencies began to realize the benefits of the ability to fly “low and slow” above their ground based units and operations. Initial airborne operations were rudimentary, often forcing the pilot to have printed maps of the area in the cockpit and acquiring the suspects visually rather than today’s high tech options.


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