Enjoying Some Aviation History At Earhart’s Runway Grill

Earhart 2

A view of the bar area within Earhart’s Runway Grill

It’s no surprise of the history that Amelia Earhart left behind within the aviation world – and it’s that passion for aviation’s history that led one married couple to open Earhart’s Runway Grill located in Lakeland, Florida. At Ridge Landing Residential Airpark, along with being flight enthusiasts, we appreciate those pilots who paved the way to travel in the sky the way we currently can – which is why we highly recommend flying into this grill.


Grab A Bite At The Happy Hangar Café

Sometime over the past few decades, the TSA became an intimidating resource – which could be the overall point – however, it can sometimes be inconvenient for frequent flyers that pilot their own planes and want to fly into more exclusive, once stunning airports. In Florida, it can be difficult to find a landing strip that isn’t surrounded by layers of metal fencing, but for our Ridge Landing residents, we’ve found the perfect hangar hangout that takes you back in time.

The Happy Hangar Café is one of the best hangar’s to fly into whether you want a scenic view that isn’t blocked by fencing or great food – this is the place to go. Located in Tampa just off Wesley Chapel Blvd, you know this is the place to be when they have some of the best ranked wings in town – and there’s nothing like a smooth morning of flying across the sunshine state to then grab some amazing food.

Flying Into The Island Fish Company

Flying Into The Island Fish Company

Ridge Landing Airpark has partnered with One of our favorite destinations in the Keys, The Island Fish Company featuring fantastic Florida Sunsets, views of the tropical waters and some of the best seafood in the Nation.

The Island Fish Co. Tiki Bar Restaurant in the Florida Keys is the most unique restaurant being that you can reach it by land, air that is if you own a helicopter or sea.

fly in fish company

The Florida Keys Marathon (MTH) | CTAF: 122.8

The coordinates for the Heliport are N24° 43.991, W81° 01.156.

The restaurant has its own licensed heliport, If you don’t have access to a helicopter, you can fly your private aircraft into The Florida Keys Marathon. Another great advantage are the courtesy cars (first-come, first serve). Plan your day trip to the keys and Fly Into The Island Fish Company Open 11:30AM – 11PM everyday.

Flying In And Stocking Up At The Banyan Pilot Shop

Bayan Pilot Shop

FAA Identifier: FXE | UNICOM: 122.95

At Ridge Landing Residential Airpark, we like to help our residents get everything they can out of choosing to call our airpark, “home.” Therefore, we’re always on the lookout for the best places to fly, whether you’re looking for water landing, a diner with entertainment for flight enthusiasts, or if you need to stock up on flight supplies – we’ll find that destination for you.

One of our favorite spots to fly is the Banyan Pilot Shop – also known as “Hangar 63.” This location is more than just a retail store for pilots, it has anything and everything a pilot or pilot in training could or would ever need.


Ridge Landing Offering Veterans Affairs (VA) Loans For Building Airport Homes

If you are a Veteran and have a passion for flying; living in an aviation community such as Ridge Landing, will provide an aviator’s lifestyle and freedom for flying.

VA-guaranteed home loan

Owning a dream home that is safe for your family and planes is made possible with several financing solutions.  In certain circumstances, this dream home maybe difficult to own due to lack of down payment money, or challenged credit scores.  However, a VA-guaranteed home loan allows Military personnel or spouses that have earned a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) an avenue to over come these two obstacles.


Florida Airpark Partners with Aviation Home Loans to Provide Affordable Loans to Foreign Nationals

Foreign National Lending for Airport Home Construction

Our Florida Airpark has partnered with Vertical Lending a lending institution that specializes in foreign national lending. Vertical Landing deals with individuals who have a passion for flying and residential aviation communities such as Ridge Landing, provide a lifestyle that creates freedom for flying.

Building a custom home for the family and planes is made easy with several financing solutions. In certain circumstances, these individuals are not naturalized U.S. citizens, which may create a challenge to obtain financing. Individuals that are not citizens or a permanent resident alien of the host country are considered a foreign national.

Everything You Need To Know About The SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-In & Expo

Join Ridge Landing’s Residents as they take off in their personal air crafts to Lakeland, Florida for the 40th annual international fly-in and expo. We can’t believe that for 40 years now, flight enthusiasts and pilots have joined together at the same airspace to share their passion for aviation with each other. It began with a small group of aviators that wanted to join together every year and hold a “fly-in,” little did they know that it would soon become an “International Fly-In & Expo.”


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