Plan A Day Trip To Port Orange

When people think of the east coast of Florida, Port Orange isn’t usually the destination that comes to mind. But this town just outside of Daytona Beach is a great day vacation destination if you are looking to relax and enjoy the perks unique to the Sunshine State. If you have any friends at Spruce Creek Property Owners Association, call them up – the flight into Spruce Creek Airport is just 98 statute miles. Otherwise, you can coast into Daytona Beach International Airport, just 104 statute miles from Ridge Landing.


Lakeland For a Little Bit of Everything

Perhaps you’ve already been to Lakeland for the annual Sun ‘n’ Fun Fly-In, held in April. Haven’t been yet? Well then you’ve already got a reason to head over to Lakeland – the six-day convention is a must-do for aviation enthusiasts. After all, Lakeland Linder Regional Airpark is a mere 30 statute miles away from Ridge Landing Airpark. Land in Lakeland on your next off day, and prepare for a day full of festivities, because Lakeland holds a host of activities to entertain every type of person.

For those unfamiliar with the city, it is located in Polk County just outside of Tampa. So when you’re looking for a change of scenery but don’t want the busyness of a big city, make touchdown just a bit east of Tampa in Lakeland. This smaller city is home to the largest on-site collection of Frank Wright architecture. What else is there to do in Lakeland during a day trip from Ridge Landing? Let us enlighten you… (more…)

Transport To Island Time In Key West (EYW)

The southernmost island in the Florida Keys, Key West is known for its eclectic culture, bar scene and island perks. The island also has quite a few famous residents on its roster, once lending land to author Ernest Hemingway and “Margaritaville” musician Jimmy Buffett, just to name a couple.

With Key West International Airport (EYW) an 80-minute flight from Ridge Landing, you can transport to island time swiftly and accessibly. And what better way to wash away your worries than to spend a day on an island, cutting off from reality and letting the laidback lifestyle soothe you.

Many Florida residents surprisingly have never been to Key West, though it is a popular tourist destination. But that doesn’t have to be the case for Ridge Landing residents, because the trip is too easy not to take! Whether you’ve been to Key West before or you’re finally ready to fly in for the first time, there is quite an abundance of activities on this island despite its approximate 1-by-3-mile size. (more…)

Coast Into Boca Raton: The Gold Coast’s Luxury Beach Town

Ready to take a day trip to South Florida but don’t want to deal with the tourist traps? Travel to the Treasure Coast’s lesser-known gem, Boca Raton, which is just 132 statute miles from Ridge Landing’s centrally located residential airpark. You’ll fly into Boca Raton Airport, which offers an easy opportunity for you to hop onto Interstate 95, the main artery for Florida’s eastern shoreline cities. (more…)

Apalachicola: The Aviator’s Quiet Paradise

Fire up your engine, and take your aircraft up to the Florida Panhandle for a day full of waterfront activities and a unique look at some of the Sunshine State’s fishing and oyster histories. If you fly into Apalachicola Regional Airport, the trip is 248 miles from Ridge Landing, leaving room for an entire day of exploration.

Upon your arrival to Apalachicola, you should gear up for a great day on the water. A hat to shield the sun and a pair of shoes that don’t require socks will be just what you need to get the ultimate experience at this quaint fishing destination.


Destination: Fly Into Sunny St. Petersburg

With Ridge Landing being centrally located in Florida, it’s almost impossible not to leave the airpark and explore what our great state has to offer. After all, Ridge Landing is only a 20-minute flight away from some of the best beaches in Florida; why not take advantage of the convenient location? Fly into SPG and take a day trip westward to “The Sunshine City” of the Sunshine State, St. Petersburg, and prepare for a day full of fun.

Albert Whitted Airport is the perfect place for personal aviation pilots to fly into for a destination trip to St. Pete. There’s a reason this city is one of the most popular destinations in Florida; it boasts some of the top-rated beaches in the state as well as a vibrant downtown area rich with history. Are you ready to experience St. Pete? Try one (or both!) of these two day trip ideas when you fire up the engine and take flight to Florida’s Gulf Coast. (more…)

Spend A Day In Sunny St. Lucie

Here at Ridge Landing’s residential airpark, we want our residents to get the most out of their private planes.  After all, half the fun is flying, but the other half is the destination. Take your affinity for aviation to the next level and enjoy a day out in a new destination.

Only 77 miles away you will land there in a jiffy, use the airport trip calculator to get there from 4FL5.

The Treasure Coast International Airport and Business Park (formerly known as the St. Lucie County International Airport) in Fort Pierce, Florida, is only a half hour southeast from Ridge Landing’s convenient location in Central Florida. So when you’ve got a free day to spare and want to do something special or you simply crave new scenery, look no further than Florida’s Treasure Coast.

A wealth of activities awaits; whether you’re a sports fan or you revel in calm relaxation, there’s something for everyone in St. Lucie County. Here are two possible itineraries for different persuasions of pilot and passenger:

Appetite for Adventure

8:30am – Breakfast at Airport Tiki: Once you fly into the airport, grab a breakfast bite at the airport’s restaurant, Airport Tiki, to get an early start to your day. Airport Tiki is well-known for their delectable dining options, available just steps away from the hangar.

Airport Tiki is open 7 days a week from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. (772) 489-2285.

10:00am – Horseback Riding Along the Beach: Explore the Treasure Coast’s 21 miles of unspoiled, beautiful beaches from a different point of view. This is a perfect activity if you brought your significant other along for the day; book a one-hour tour to check out the region’s habitats in a whole new way. (more…)

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