Transport To Island Time In Key West (EYW)

The southernmost island in the Florida Keys, Key West is known for its eclectic culture, bar scene and island perks. The island also has quite a few famous residents on its roster, once lending land to author Ernest Hemingway and “Margaritaville” musician Jimmy Buffett, just to name a couple.

With Key West International Airport (EYW) an 80-minute flight from Ridge Landing, you can transport to island time swiftly and accessibly. And what better way to wash away your worries than to spend a day on an island, cutting off from reality and letting the laidback lifestyle soothe you.

Many Florida residents surprisingly have never been to Key West, though it is a popular tourist destination. But that doesn’t have to be the case for Ridge Landing residents, because the trip is too easy not to take! Whether you’ve been to Key West before or you’re finally ready to fly in for the first time, there is quite an abundance of activities on this island despite its approximate 1-by-3-mile size. (more…)

Coast Into Boca Raton: The Gold Coast’s Luxury Beach Town

Ready to take a day trip to South Florida but don’t want to deal with the tourist traps? Travel to the Treasure Coast’s lesser-known gem, Boca Raton, which is just 132 statute miles from Ridge Landing’s centrally located residential airpark. You’ll fly into Boca Raton Airport, which offers an easy opportunity for you to hop onto Interstate 95, the main artery for Florida’s eastern shoreline cities. (more…)

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