Fly into Clearwater for a Day [4FL5 to CLW]

Fly into Clearwater for a Day

For a beach destination that’s not too far from Ridge Landing, look no further than Clearwater. Just 72 statute miles away from Ridge Landing Airpark, the Clearwater Airpark is one of the best you can fly into. In 2014, the Clearwater Airpark received the Florida General Aviation Airport of the Year award from the Florida Department of Transportation, an honor no doubt!


Aviation Day Trip From 4FL5 to X51 Homestead

From Ridge Landing Airpark to Homestead Executive Jet Center, the trip is 169 statute miles to X51, taking you from central Florida all the way down to central South Florida – Homestead. Homestead is a lesser-known destination for South Florida cities, but it’s got much different activities to offer than the high maintenance clubs of Miami.


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