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Aeroclubes in Brasil

Aeroclubes, Brazilian (Brasilian) flying clubs are becoming extremely popular in Brasil. With a rising middle class and phenomenal GDP Growth, Brasil’s economy is growing steadily only to be helped by hosting the World Cup in 2014, and The Olympics in 2016.

Brasil Aeroclube GDP

Take a look at Brazil’s GDP compared to Canada, Mexico, Portugal and Chile with statistics from the World Bank.

We became great friends with the Brasilian family that purchased an Airpark Home in our aviation community., This same home is listed as part of our Pilot Aviation Vacation – Fly-In Airport Homes For Rent.

Upon learning more about Brasilian culture and their love for aviation we decided to visit Aeroclubes in Brasil and share our enthusiasm for aviation in Florida. We also have a program set up for International Pilots looking to Fly In Florida.

Brasil is a huge country, the 5th largest in the world! We didn’t get to visit all the Brasilian Aeroclubes so we compiled a list.

 List of Brazilian Aeroclubes with Facebook Pages:

Please let us know if we are missing your Aeroclube from the list. Below are the pictures from our aviation adventures in Brasil, we are blessed to have been greeted with such wonderful hospitality and thank to have made many great friends.

aeroclube airport homes aeroclubes brasil

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John Fazzini is the owner of International Aviation Group and has been in the land development business since 1967. The latest development Ridge Landing Airpark is a premier aviation community in Central Florida.
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