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Fly into Clearwater for a Day [4FL5 to CLW]

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Fly into Clearwater for a Day

For a beach destination that’s not too far from Ridge Landing, look no further than Clearwater. Just 72 statute miles away from Ridge Landing Airpark, the Clearwater Airpark is one of the best you can fly into. In 2014, the Clearwater Airpark received the Florida General Aviation Airport of the Year award from the Florida Department of Transportation, an honor no doubt!

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downtown homestead


From Ridge Landing Airpark to Homestead Executive Jet Center, the trip is 169 statute miles to X51, taking you from central Florida all the way down to central South Florida – Homestead. Homestead is a lesser-known destination for South Florida cities, but it’s got much different activities to offer than the high maintenance clubs of Miami.

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visit sarasota from ridge landing


When many people think of Florida’s beaches, their minds quickly divert to the shining sands down in South Florida on the east coast. But a well-kept secret among native Floridians is the west coast, which boasts stunning sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico and a beach experience much more relaxed than those that host spring break party crowds.

Enter Sarasota, located on the southwestern coast of Florida, while it is a place of calming respite, it is a vibrant lifestyle with beachside views and culturally rich activities. Like many of our other day destinations, Sarasota is an easy 52 statute miles from Ridge Landing Airpark when you fly into Hidden River Airport.  Read More

lakeland flying tigers


Sports fans assemble! The Lakeland Flying Tigers are a minor league team based in Lakeland, FL, and they’re a team that you’ll want to check out, even if you’re not a diehard baseball fan. Why, you ask? Well, for starters, their playing field is a short 30 statute miles away, and you can easily squeeze a game into your day trip to Lakeland.

flying tigers baseball

Photo Credits: Lakeland Local.

Lakeland Flying Tigers In Florida

In our Lakeland destination post, you’ll notice that the MLB Detroit Tigers play at Joker Merchant Stadium for spring training, but if you’re looking for a better possibility of catching a ball game, the Lakeland Flying Tigers will be your best bet. Not only are their home games in Lakeland, but also the majority of their away games are in Florida, making it simple for you to fly to just about anyone.

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Air at Quest Air Hang Gliding


The length of the flight from Ridge Park to Florida Flying Gators in Minneola is the perfect distance for any spontaneous trip – just 62 statute miles.  But the sheer shortness of the flight is not the only reason to head to Groveland for a little day trip away from Orlando.

Many times, we crave a slower lifestyle and the small town feel – and that’s exactly what you’ll get from Groveland. Located between Orlando and Tampa, this quaint pitstop is perfect for enjoying the outdoors and what the real Florida feels like.

The town has grown exponentially throughout the past decade, and it’s not for no reason. Here are some of the must-do’s on your daytrip to Groveland.

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vero beach


Just a quick 73-mile shot east of Ridge Landing, you’ll find Vero Beach – a small seaside town that touts just as many interesting activities on land as those on the water. Many Floridians don’t get the chance to visit Vero Beach, but mostly only because they don’t know much about it. This surf-friendly destination is a well-kept sanctuary for leisure-lovers. Next time you’ve got a free day and want to explore somewhere new, take the plane over to Vero Beach Municipal Airport and prepare for a day either on land or out at sea. We’ve got some great tips to get you started.
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pavilian port orange


When people think of the east coast of Florida, Port Orange isn’t usually the destination that comes to mind. But this town just outside of Daytona Beach is a great day vacation destination if you are looking to relax and enjoy the perks unique to the Sunshine State. If you have any friends at Spruce Creek Property Owners Association, call them up – the flight into Spruce Creek Airport is just 98 statute miles. Otherwise, you can coast into Daytona Beach International Airport, just 104 statute miles from Ridge Landing.

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