Ridge Landing Airpark Real Estate for Sale

Use the Lot List Drop down or our interactive map to tour our Florida Airpark, (Clicking on each lot number 1-99) will give you a tour and size of the home and hangar property.
In House Financing Available for Phase 1 Properties (Red), as little as 20% down.

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Full Set of Covenants with Building Guide Lines [PDF]

Property Map:

Ridge Landing has 99 lots in an elegantly gated and secured residential airpark community featuring a 3000′ x 60’ (914m X 18m) paved and lit runway. Pristine home sites are available on the runway, on the water features or next to the nature reserve. Enjoy luxury Florida living at its best!

Please contact us for pricing, in house financing available as little as 20% Down!

Lot sizes are a minimum of 1 acre and ranging up to 2 acres.

All lots have taxiway access leading straight to the runway without interference from any of the community’s roadways.

Minimum square footage of homes is 3000 square feet total under roof and 2,300 living area. Hangers are to be constructed of the same materials as the homes to ensure upscale quality throughout the community.

When it comes to real estate, nothing is as important as location. For pilots, owning airport property is nothing short of a dream come true. Being able to live in a house with runway couldn’t be more convenient for someone who loves flying. In Florida, airplane real estate is growing in popularity as more and more pilots are learning of the incredible convenience. Here are some of the conveniences that owners of airport properties enjoy.

Homes with Runways

Airparks feature many homes in their community that have runways leading straight to the house. There literally couldn’t be a more convenient place to call home for pilots. Airpark homes offer unbelievable convenience for homeowners that fly regularly. If you are looking for fly in homes for sale then Ridge Landing Park is the place for you to call home in Florida.

Network Growth

There is no better way to expand your network than to live in a community with people who share your same career and passion. Aviation communities Florida are excellent places to live among other pilots that you can network with and learn from. Each resident will enjoy from the conveniences offered by airport homes and be able to grow the network at the same time.

Added Safety

Being able to drive your airplane straight out of your driveway onto a runway is the ultimate convenience for a pilot. Many airpark homes for sale in Florida offer this convenience with airport homes for sale throughout the state. Many people looking for airport property for sale enjoy the convenience of living right next to convenient and high quality runway.

Airpark homes for sale Florida are in high demand because of the several convenience factors they offer to their residents. If you are in search of airpark homes for sale, the come explore what Ridge Landing Airpark has to offer. You will find that it is one of the most sought after airparks in the state of Florida for many reasons. It is the ultimate place to call home for pilots who are looking for a convenient place to live while being able to focus on their passion of flying. Come see why airparks are becoming one of the most popular places to call home.