Social media has enabled all kinds of people to connect over shared interests. Some people follow others simply because they like the images they post, whereas others connect with each other because they work in the same industry or have the same hobbies.

As an aviation enthusiast, are you making the most of the accessibility social media has to offer? It’s fun to follow like-minded people — you might even end up meeting later in life at a convention! With that being said, there are some aviation enthusiasts on Instagram that we think you will want to follow right after you’re done reading this post! Actually, get your smartphone out right now and get ready to search these pilots.

Although their photos speak for themselves, here’s why you should give these aviation enthusiasts a look…

1. @troybflying

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With his home is Florida, you might think we’re a little biased, but this military and airplane pilot sure has a knack for taking some unique shots. He’s also a photographer, so if you want aviation photography with some beautiful women mixed in, this account will suit you well. Also, his captions are lighthearted and engaging — what’s not to love?

2. @bjornpilot

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If you’re interested in seeing what a commercial pilot’s life is like, take a peek into the photographic world of Björn who flies at SAS. He loves “air to air” pictures, like the one pictured above. We love it too.

3. @siljelokstad

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This 24-year-old female helicopter pilot is from Sweden, and she’s got the awesome views to prove it. Gorgeous snowy scapes, cool heli shots, and the occasional smiling selfie make her account an enjoyable one to gander at.

4. @passengershaming

This one is just plain funny. The account is dedicated to people submitting photos that call out fellow airplane passengers for doing weird things on the plane. This account made Rolling Stone’s “100 Best Instagram Accounts,” so you know it’s going to be good. Get this account on your feed for a daily laugh!

5. @milkyrusk

What do you get when you combine a pilot and a photographer? Some awesome Insta-photography. For some of the most amazing aviation shots you’ll likely find, this A380 pilot’s gallery is the place to feast your eyes.

6. @artursarkisyan__

If you want to feel like you’re flying in formation, you’re going to love this guy’s videos. Artur shoots a lot of videos over photos, and he cuts them to be visually engaging. Enjoy his point-of-view when you see this Russian air force pilot’s content.

7. @copterpilot

Of course, Los Angeles touts a pretty fantastic Instagram run by motion picture pilots. And the photos live up to their hype. Vast aerial shots make landscapes we’ve seen a thousand times even more attractive. These photos will remind you why flying is so great.


Did we miss your favorite aviation Instagram account? Mention it in the comments and we’ll update the article. 

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