Bayan Pilot Shop

FAA Identifier: FXE | UNICOM: 122.95

At Ridge Landing Residential Airpark, we like to help our residents get everything they can out of choosing to call our airpark, “home.” Therefore, we’re always on the lookout for the best places to fly, whether you’re looking for water landing, a diner with entertainment for flight enthusiasts, or if you need to stock up on flight supplies – we’ll find that destination for you.

One of our favorite spots to fly is the Banyan Pilot Shop – also known as “Hangar 63.” This location is more than just a retail store for pilots, it has anything and everything a pilot or pilot in training could or would ever need.

What Exactly Is Hangar 63?

The Banyan Pilot Shop is an FBO – one of the most popular, in fact. An FBO is a, “Fixed Base Operator,” which is essentially a commercial business that has the stamp of approval from an airport to operate on their grounds. In other words, you can fly-in, drive or even shop online if it’s a rainy Florida day.

Credentials Of The Banyan Pilot Shop

  • Ranked in National FBO surveys as the top FBO by aviation professionals.
  • They provide 24-hour red carpet service for more aircrafts than every other FBO in the southeast.
  • 450 aircrafts are based at Banyan’s airspace.
  • 60,000 square foot aircraft service center.
  • They have obtained multiple training awards within their aircraft service division – including the FAA’s Diamond Award.

What You Get Out Of Banyan

hangar 63

Located at Fort Lauderdale’s Executive Airport, Banyan’s Pilot Shop and airspace offer’s several aviation services which include, but are by no means limited to:

  • 24/7 ground and fuel service – yes, we mean 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Sales and management of aircrafts.
  • Aircraft maintenance.
  • Aircraft installations.
  • Visit the Jet-Way Café

There’s really nothing you can’t do at the Banyan airspace, and we highly recommend visiting if you’re in need of anything aviation related. They even have souvenirs, making them an overall aviation boutique and service center that is unlike any other in the Southeast of the United States.