Where is the best weather for flight training in the United States? Maybe that’s the kind of weather you are searching for to enjoy your ultimate aviation lifestyle!

The most important factor in aviation is for pilots to fly safely. There is no doubt that some places have better flying weather than others. But no one really seemed to have the real answer to this question.

Weather Research

Jason Blair of jasonblair.net recently adventured out to find where a pilot should go to maximize their flying hours. Actually he was looking for a place to go to minimize the effect of weather on his training schedule. Jason is a nationally recognized CFI with many accolades based on his experience and the positive experiences of his students.

The NOAA at their NCNC (National Climate Data Center ) compiles all the weather reports. These weather reports are known as METARS in aviation and the NOAA archives them.

For weather comparisons, Jason preselected several locations around the country that represented major regions with a high-density of flight training.

He only picked areas that had a full-report of (winds, ceiling, visibility, etc.).  From January 1, 2020, through December 31, 2014, which provided a full 5 years of METARS for each location.

In weather to fly a traffic pattern for training, you would want at least 3 miles visibility, 2000′ ceiling, and less than 15 knots of wind.

For the maneuvers performed in a practice area, he set limitations of 5 plus miles visibility, a 3000′ ceiling, and less than 15 knots. Does this sound like your idea of a dream lifestyle weather condition?

Flying Weather

Florida’s flying weather, abundance of airports, aviation communities. Overall Florida’s attempt to keep them as the number one destination for retirees should make Florida #1 for aircraft ownership!

Based on METAR data over time (while South Florida does have rainy conditions), it’s still a minimal incremental time period.
The METAR reports are less than the VFR type weather reports compared with other places than particularly good ole South Florida.

But regardless of where in Florida you want to live, we can help you find and then live your aviation dream lifestyle. Our Flying Realtors will be on hand at all times to assist you in making your dream come true. The first step is coming to our beautiful airpark in Frostproof, Florida and getting a free consultation.