Community Aircraft Program

Become A Pilot

At Ridge Landing Airpark we belive anyone with a dream to become a pilot should have the opprtunity. If you have ever

dreamed of flying a plane, we have a program we call the CAP program which gives you the oppritunity. This service is

Great for those who wish to live in Ridge Landing and be a part of the pilot community here. Get in touch with us and

ask us how we can help you become a pilot here at Ridge Landing Airpark. Give Us a call at

(787) 397-4533

Aviation communities include a group of plane enthusiasts who all share a passion for aviation. Ridge Landing Airpark is one of those places where you can fly right out of your very own backyard.

  1.  Provides community aircraft available to the owners and for aviation enthusiasts that are not pilots, to become pilots.
  2.  Provides owners who are unable to obtain a pilot license access to aircraft and instructors so they can participate in the aviation dream.
  3.  For the owners that may not want the expense, or responsibility of owning their own aircraft, they can still fly but at a significantly reduced rate.
  4.  We will have instructors available to provide
    an individual instruction program for them.
  5.  The owners that are already licensed
    pilots can utilize the aircraft as they are available.
  6.  They will pay a small hourly
    fee toward the maintenance and pay for their own fuel- THAT’S IT!

Learn more about CAP  by giving us a call! (787) 397-4533