One of our very own airpark residents had quite the adventure for his birthday. Florida has some of the most amazing aviation destinations and Michael McMahan had the experience of a lifetime in Kissimmee at Stallion 51 flying the Mustang P-51 aka “Crazy Horse”.

Mike posted on his Facebook thanking his brother Bobby for a fantastic birthday gift.

“I flew a 1944 P51 Mustang for an hour over central Florida. Loops, barrell rolls, wing overs and more! Thank you to my brother Bobby”

Less than an hour drive (10 minute flight) Stallion 51, is FAA certified and the world’s premier P-51 Mustang flight operation. Experience the flight of a lifetime and take the control of the legendary WWII P-51 Mustang!

Fly the Stallion 51

To schedule a flight call Stallion 51 directly at 407-846-4400 or email them (About a 3 hour program that includes a thorough preflight briefing and post flight debriefing)

You will be flying in a dual control-dual cockpit aircraft that allows you to fly the airplane the majority of the time. Both you and your instructor have a full set of controls allowing the instructor to demonstrate the maneuvers before you perform them yourself. The flight is tailored to what you want to do including aerobatics.

3951 Merlin Drive
(Located at Kissimmee Municipal Airport.)

You can also check out the Stallion 51 Live Hangar Cam

Some more fun pics from the experience below!
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