A personal promise from John Fazzini developer of Ridge Landing Airpark and owner of International Aviation Group.

  1. We promise to provide the very ultimate in a luxurious aviation lifestyle for those who love to fly
  2. We promise you that the runway will be owned and controlled by you and other homeowners
  3. We promise you that every home in Ridge Landing Airpark will be of the highest quality construction
  4. We promise you covenants to protect you and your investment and to assure consistency of quality for all homeowners
  5. We promise that all building home sites will be large enough for a spacious estate lifestyle
  6. We promise to provide a completely secured perimiter with a formal luxurious private gated entrance
  7. We promise 24/7 acess to our concierge services that will remain personal and confidential

Watch the video below to get a glimpse at our premier aviation community