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What To Do When Flying Near Airport Tiki In Fort Pierce, Florida

Within Ridge Landing’s residential airpark, we enjoy providing our residents with an array of options for a night out, whether you’re up for dinner, dancing, or just looking for a scenic view – from the ground, of course – because while we understand the passion for flying, sometimes it’s refreshing to stay ocean level rather than well above it.

Ridge Landing, located in Frostproof, Florida – is a very short trip from several private airports, some of which even offer air-side catering if you’re ever on the go. One of these conveniently located airports is best known as Airport Tiki, located in Fort Pierce.

fly in airport tiki

Photo taken from a table inside Airport Tiki provided by Foursquare

The driving distance between our exclusive residential airpark and Airport Tiki is about one hour and 30 minutes. However, if you power up your plane, you can skip the Florida traffic and begin your night out in just one half hour – sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

Airport Tiki Fly-In Restaurant in Fort Pierce

If you ever fly into Airport Tiki, they are known to have some of the best food within their airport restaurant – serving both breakfast and dinner with all the food being fresh and homemade. Now, if you would rather land the plane and have a fun night out on the town, Airport Tiki is just a six minute drive from beach where several restaurants – varying from casual to classy – are beautifully located.

If you’d rather take a day trip out of central Florida and head more towards the coast, Fort Pierce is also just a 30 minute drive from the infamous PGA golf courses – and very few things are better than a day of golf in the sunshine state.

Now, let’s say your significant other wants to join in on your trip to Fort Pierce, well – the Vero Beach Outlet mall is just 20 minutes away from the airpark, in the same general direction as the golf course – how convenient.

Fort Pierce is a beautiful little section of Florida that is just enough South to collect the warm weather, making it an excellent place for a weekend getaway. If you happen to enjoy that brief 30 minute flight to the coast line, then there are plenty of hotel accommodations to enjoy that are located by all the Fort Pierce action.

Fly Into Airport Tiki from Ridge Landing Airpark

Airport Tiki Fort Pierce

Airport Tiki Fort Pierce Panoramio Google Maps

If you’re a resident of Ridge Landing’s Residential Airpark, then let us help you enjoy your time living the flight enthusiast’s lifestyle.

Airport Tiki Fly-In Information:
St Lucie County Intl (FPR) CTAF: 128.2
Phone: 772-489-2285