How much will it cost to build our home?

We use the top builders in the no-frills category, and also in the more elaborates homes.

We know the best builders in our area and can recommend them to our clients.

The cost will depend on style and square footage.

Tax Advantage In Florida
Florida has no state income tax, which means Social Security retirement benefits, pension income and income from an IRA or 401(k) are all untaxed.

Florida has no estate or inheritance tax.

Property tax in Polk County, where Ridge Landing Airpark is located, is only 1.042%, based on a very fair tax assessment.

We also have special homestead exemptions that will lower the taxes on the residence.

What's retirement like in Florida
Florida is a retirement mecca for good reasons. It is the Nation’s most affordable state when it comes to tax-friendliness on pensions and Social Security, inheritance, and overall cost of living.

It has a vibrant older active adult community.

Florida fared well among the most affordable states, in terms of cost of living, well being standards that included the quality of public hospitals, healthcare facilities per capita, the overall health of those 65 or older, as well as the number of museums, theaters and volunteer activities per capita.

Why Florida over other states?
Florida has also been ranked #1 of all of the U.S. states based on 41 criteria, from water and air quality to the number of museums, theaters, and scenic byways.

Access to good health care, and longer life expectancy and the higher percentage of the adult population that is physically active also factored into the ratings that aimed to establish the best-and worst-places around the country to retire.

Florida has long been considered a retirement haven, and other states on this list were simply less intuitive about the needs of retirees.

Best Flying Weather

Florida’s flying weather, abundance of airports, aviation communities. Overall Florida’s attempt to keep them as the number one destination for retirees should make Florida #1 for aircraft ownership!

Based on METAR data over time (while South Florida does have rainy conditions), it’s still a minimal incremental time period.
The METAR reports are less than the VFR type weather reports compared with other places than particularly good ole South Florida.