Fly your amphibian aircraft onto Crooked Lake

Today’s destination is so close you don’t even have to fly. Crooked lake is a lake located in Southeast Polk County Florida directly across the highway 27 from Ridge Landing airport. Crooked lake is one of the largest lakes in Polk County both in terms of area and total volume with a maximum depth of up to 45 feet and over 21 billion US gallons of water.

Millions of years ago when sea levels were much higher than today only a few isolated hilltops of today’s Lake Wales Ridge were exposed as islands offering sanctuary to the evolution of dozens of unique species of plants and animals. The rest of Florida’s peninsula was covered by shallow sea where vast array of sea life and coral lived in grew.

As the sea slowly receded during the Ice Age’s Florida was slowly exposed, and the new life forms expanded there range along the sandy dunes of the ridge. Today the thin straight-line of the 100 Mile ridge is clearly visible from space.