For the past few years, many, many forums and seminars and articles were presented to pilots and the like on Airparks and Airpark living. A frequent question is “What makes an Airpark really great?” Well, here goes an attempt to I.D. the 5 star airpark!
What is an airpark anyhow? To my view an airpark life is real estate in an aviators focused special-purpose community. It is a community. A unique place, dedicated to sharing an interest in aviation.
Airpark real estate must come with development features designed to accommodate airplanes, aviator’s homes, and aviation.

This usually consists of runway(s), common areas, taxiways, in addition to the normal residential real estate considerations.
Disclaimer and disclosure: To be candid and honest you should know I have specific and financial interest in 2 aviation communities with airpark real estate for sale and will make every consideration to be honest, unbiased, and impartial. I am a Florida licensed real estate sales associate for Ridge Landing Airpark in Frostproof Fl.

So what makes an airpark property worthy of a 5 star rating? Yes, there is criterion reference and this is it: The absolute most important criterion is the airpark MUST fit you and your life style dreams. Everything hereafter printed should be viewed with that in mind.

Airpark Location

First and foremost in any real estate is location So let’s start with location. Obviously, determine if this location fits my desires, a good location for 5 star is a desirable destination for real estate. Proximity to destination city, desirable climate, and good value. Does it meet the standards you require?
Determining where is value is tough. Location cannot change.

Look for access to major airlines, recreation, shopping, health care, education, and entertainment. Good answers can make your choice a desirable destination and added value your property and your life style.
Let us check out affordability, it isn’t 5 star for you unless you can afford it.

Residential Aviation Community Prices

Real estate is a big commitment. Financial consideration needs attention. Fortunately interest rates available make this the best time in memory for buyers. Be sure to look at the whole picture for cost of living It is also no more hanger rent, etc.

Paved and Lit Runway in Aviation Communities

florida airport homes for sale


Now let us look at the Runway. This is the big Aviation part of the equation. I will be just plain bold here, please only consider a runway of more than ½ mile, paved and lighted is 5 star. Sod is fine if it’s high, dry, and firm. And yes there are lighted sod fields. My recommendation is ½ mile paved with clean approaches lighted. Longer is better! An instrument approach is a “wow” factor.

Airpark Taxiways & Amenities

Taxi way and ramp space is also important. Co-mingling pedestrian, automobiles, and airplanes can be problematic.. A gated community with separate traffic is the 5 star standard here.

Amenities are also a value added. Every thing form golf to equestrian centers can be found. Be sure to look for what YOU will use in amenities. Airplane services are nice too. Fuel availability can be discounted with fuel clubs. A friendly mechanic, grounds keeper, transient (community) hanger, storage facilities, and CFI are also really handy.

An Aero-club can be very enjoyable and economical too. My 5 star amenities is access to water for sea plane flight and some boating. A good HOA that enforces rules fairly and consistently is definitely 5 star. They protect property values. A really good HOA is a value added. Balanced, impartial, and effective rules are your friend. Good HOA and/or covenants are needed for real 5 star rating.

Also check for the financial history of the overall property, The whole community health and condition must be financially sound for 5 star.

So there you have it. One persons educated opinion of 5 star airpark. It’s really about you and your love of aviation. Remember “You can build, fix anything, make new friends, but locations do not move” 5 star isn’t for everybody, but I’ll bet it’s going to be great for you!

If you have any further questions please contact me at or via cell @ (1)912 433 3330