Update on what happened to Malaysian Flight 370:

Monday Evening, Malaysian Parliament, Prime Minister Najib Razak, proclaimed that the Boeing 777 had gone down in the sea with no survivors.

This was not satisfactory for Hundreds of relatives and friends trooped into Malaysian Embassy in Beijing, where they tossed bottles, while rushing the gates chanting, “Liars!”

There is still no proof or debri from the Boeing 777 found, just speculation and guesswork but this has not eased the pain for the friends and family of the passengers on board Malaysian Flight 370.

It was hijacked by passengers

This seems to be the top theory right now. The number of people trying to enter cockpits in the last year has been on the rise. So far, no terrorist organizations are “claiming” to have hijacked the plane, which is odd. Normally a group will take credit for something like this within 24 hours or less.
Also the last words from the planes communication system were
“All right…good night” which some say is a distress signal.
If the plane was hijacked there are several possibilities of what could have happened:

  • The plane was deliberately crashed into the ocean or land mass.
  • The plane landed in a non-friendly territory such as Somalia or North Korea, where passengers are being held hostage.

The pilot or co-pilot hijacked flight 370

Officials are saying the communication system on flight 370 was shut down manually. Some say that a crew member would be the only ones that knew how to do this. A pilot or co-pilot is currently one of the most likely suspects for something like this.

Authorities are still looking into the identifies of the crew and the pilots, no new info has come up as of yet.

Technical / Mechanical Failure

This is another possibility. Villagers in a small town in Malaysia stated that they heard a large sound early Saturday on March 8th. Some villagers say they heard some noises but others say they did not.

Other than that there are no signs of technical failure pre-flight, but that does not mean it could not have happened.

Weather Interference

An unlikely theory, but possible. Severe weather could have caused the flight to go off its course. Although there were no reports of inclement weather, it very well could have happened. This has happened several times in history including in 1985 when a Delta flight hi bad weather which took the plane down and killed more than 130 people. Still, if this were to happen scientists would most likely be able to track the weather patterns.

The plane just kept going

Malaysia Flight 370 had enough gas to make it all the way to Beijing. It is possible that the control tower simply lost track and the flight just kept going till it ran out of fuel. Right now there is a massive search area in the Indian Ocean that is taking this theory into account.

Crazy theories

The “Lost” theory where the plane went into another dimension. The alien theory where the plane was abducted by an alien craft.

No one will ever know. There have been several planes that have disappeared that no one could ever find.

The ocean is extremely deep at some points and there are many areas of the Earth that have not been fully explored.

Only time will tell what the fate of Malaysian flight 370 will be.

Update 3/19/2014, we asked some of our fellow pilots and aviation enthusiasts their theories and here is what we heard back.

From Bud S.

There are thousands of ideas about what happened. My opinion for what its worth is based on what is known and not speculation and that is the aircraft was under control right up to its running out of fuel and splashdown in the Indian Ocean, that everything that happened to this flight was deliberate right to the end.

Normally in a two flight crew member environment, one pilot is flying, (PF) and the other non flying pilot, (NPF) is handling the navigation and communication. Who was the one person that was handling the navigation and communication.

It is the same person that reprogrammed the FMS 12 minutes before his last communication with ATC to make the procedure turn that the aircraft made back to the Malaysian Peninsula and that was the F/O. Something that I saw on ABC tonight even led me to believe that more than ever.

After the aircraft made the turn back to the Malaysian Peninsula, the aircraft flew at a rather low altitude directly over the F/O’s ancestral coastal village where he grew up. I think this was a final farewell.

I’m not sure how he neutralized the Capt but I think he took care of the passengers and cabin crew permanently by asphyxiation or lack of oxygen while they were still at altitude. The pilots have a separate O2 system with much better masks then the passengers

The only question remains is why would anyone do something like this and to that I have no answer. ITS HAPPENED A FEW TIMES BEFORE IN AVIATION, UNFORTUNATELY!

From Dr. John G

I’d rather not speculate.

One would have thought there should have been some contact  or positioning with at least one of all those mobile phones onboard. At our General conference in October I had dinner with Malaysian airlines CEO. I have forwarded my sympathy and offered the assistance of the World airsport community if helpful in any way.

From Diane

Hmm. Wonder if HAARP could zap an airplane. HAARP is so secretive, how would we know?

From Barry M

I do know a few maintenance crew people who have trained on these in the airline biz.  All have advised its an “inside job”.

I feel this aircraft was flown below radar to a terrorist friendly country i.e. Pakastan and is now being refitted for a terrorist job.It has a perfect cover as a passenger liner.

No one will “claim” responsibility as they don’t want to let the proverbial “airliner killing bird” Out of the bag until they use it. As for those unfortunate passengers who were on board were probably killed by the low life criminals while enroute.

Doesn’t take much once the pressurization is shut off at high altitude.  Payne Stewart in the private jet a few years ago at 41K was turned into an instant popsicle within a few seconds.  Hypoxia killed them by putting them to sleep in about 10 seconds at high altitude.

There are far too many reporting systems i.e. ACARS etc. transponders, and all the other SAT NAV devices on board to be shut down by “novices”.

Someone had a full working knowledge of the plane was involved.

From George H

From all I’ve heard, my theory is that someone knowledgeable about 777s, be it a crew member or a passenger, flew the plane for some time after the transponder was shut off.

Obviously,  the flight ended either by going down in water or by landing or crash landing somewhere. I think into the water is more likely because a huge hunk of metal would, unless it could be concealed in a hangar  or other structure, be detected by airborne  or satellite detection means.  Then again, the “crazy theory” that the plane will never be found doesn’t sound all that crazy.