When you hear of residential airparks, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? 

For me, it’s airplanes and our wonderful aviation community at Ridge Landing!

Residential AirParks are becoming more popular across the United States. They give aviation enthusiasts the chance to live among other pilots and their airplanes. These communities provide a unique lifestyle. They are usually surrounded by gorgeous surroundings, enticing amenities, and of course, they get to live with their airplane. Most airparks have acres of land for sale for people to build homes and live their best lives.

Aviation communities are exciting innovations. It’s truly a dream come true to live with your plane and have the ability to fly from your home whenever you want. There is no need to travel to the airport again! 

So what exactly is a residential airpark?

What Is A Residential Airpark?

A residential airpark, also known as a fly-in community or aviation community is simply as its name implies, a community for plane owners, plane lovers, and the like. 

Just imagine the idea of you helping your kid with his homework on your balcony, sipping a tall glass of orange juice, and watching your neighbor fly. For most people, seeing a plane fly just over them is a rarity, however, in a fly-in community, this is the norm. 

The design of this type of community can vary with location, however, one sure thing is that the needs of an airplane lover are always met. 

Parking, accessing, and fueling of personal planes are made easy by its layout. Airplanes need to be serviced, the layout of this community puts the servicing and housing of the plane into consideration. 

Residential AirParks are mainly built in areas designated for air traffic and areas near the outskirts of an airport. 

Contrary to the community in the “residential airpark”, these airparks are private properties, in other words, the airstrips and hangars are only accessible to community members. 

It is common knowledge that airplanes are among the high-end assets an individual could own. In this case, the Fly-in communities are likewise high-end, hence not so easy to get. Therefore, you need a good real estate agent to get you the best deal to suit your family. 

History Of Fly-in Communities

The Fly-in community came to fruition after World War II. At the time, the United States was somewhat suffering from over availability of airstrips and pilots with no accommodation for these airstrips, nor the pilots. 

There were numerous redundant military strips, and the population of pilots was at 34,000 in 1939, the population sky-rocketed to 400,000 after the war. 

The United States was burdened with accommodating these pilots and the problem of the deactivated military strips lying all over the nation. 

The Civil Aeronautics Administration wasn’t relenting. It proposed a viable solution, which was aimed at constructing 6,000 Fly-in communities all over the nation. 

Even though the 6,000 Fly-in community vision wasn’t actualized, it paved the way for the now active and common network of aviation communities. 

Over the last 15 years, there have been numerous Fly-in communities built, with experts predicting an exponential increase in the number of Fly-in communities in the next 20 years. 

In a report by the website, Living With Your Plane, there are over 630 aviation communities in the world. In the list given by Living with your plane, there are sections, ranging from the largest fly-in communities to the small and hidden communities scattered across the globe.  

Another report by Living With Your Plane shows places with the most Residential AirParks. In the United States, the leading states are Florida, Texas, and Washington with 70, 65 and 50 respectively. Most sections of the United States have double figures of Fly-in communities. 

The beauty of modern fly-in communities lies in the fact that the living experience is not limited to some specific rules, but it boasts of diversities that match the wants and desires of its occupants. 

Benefits Of A Residential AirPark

1). Ease and Frequency of Flying

There are many benefits tied to living in a fly-in community, like the convenience and camaraderie that comes with living in a fly-in community. 

But the number one benefit that gets me jumping every time, is the ease and frequency of flying.  

If you are a commuter, you will find living in an aviation community very feasible, and economical, when time is the main factor. 

I mean, what is faster than using a plane to meet your schedule? However, if you’re only involved in recreational piloting, in an Aviation community, there’s a huge chance you’ll enjoy flying regularly.

In the words of Ben Sclair, the publisher of General Aviation News and Living With Your Plane:

“The benefits are huge”. Ben Sclair spent most of his childhood in Shady Acres, a Fly-in community in Spanaway, Washington. “What a joy to decide ‘I want to go flying today’ and walk 20 steps to your hangar, push open the door, fire up the airplane and away you go,” he added. He also stressed the Joy of eliminating that 30 minutes drive to the airport.”

Having the airport so close to you eliminates the personal barriers or excuses that always linger, stopping a large number of us driving to the airport or making a short jump across town. 

Instead, in a fly-in community, you have the option of making that one-of-a-kind feeling of, hopping into a plane, inhaling the cockpit smell, and watching yourself rise from the earth.

2). The Benefits Of A Family In Conjunction With The Beauty And Privacy Of Country Living. 

A residential airpark gives a new definition of country living. It offers enormous beauty and privacy from the distractions and stress of traditional airports. Featuring gate security entrances, and no restrictions on design of homes.

Ridge Landing Airpark is beautifully unique. It was built for people just like you who want to enjoy the lifestyle of an airpark while being encompassed by nature.

Additionally, Fly-in communities bring people from different places together in one place, forming that community feeling. 

The best way to enjoy this feeling is by sharing this same feeling with people that understand what it feels like. The only place where this is possible is in a fly-in community. 

3). Social Benefits of Living at Ridge Landing AirPark

Living among other pilots will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, and you will benefit in many different ways.

Not only will you have the ability to fly your plane from your runway’s direct access, but you will have access to many other great amenities.

Ridge Landing features their very own fishing pond and access to their local fishing report.

If you enjoy golfing, you’ll love the many golf courses surrounding Ridge Landing Airpark. 

In addition to fishing and golfing, you can enjoy many other benefits. Ridge Landing is near world renown shooting ranges, nearby orange groves, state parks and over 88 lakes!

Not to mention, Ridge Park Landing is also located 1 hour from Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld and only 25 minutes from LegoLand! Whether you have kids, or grandkids – this is a great location when it comes to attractions! 

Prospective Buyers: What to Consider

Whatever property you are interested in buying, requires consideration for some certain things. Purchasing a property in a Fly-in community is no different. There are some considerations you need to take if you’re interested in buying a home or lot in a Residential AirPark.

According to Ben Sclair

“Unlike a regular home, where people may or may not be familiar with an area, airpark living, while very special, is different, If you buy into a bad situation, it could take a much longer time to extract yourself.”

To avoid buying into a “bad situation”, it is advisable that you know and assess your priorities, and what exactly you want before beginning the search. 

Some fly-in communities are remote areas while some have an urban setting. Just settling for anyone you find won’t cut it.

You don’t want to relocate from the urban convenience of a regular community to a remote fly-in community and struggle to adapt to such living. 

Before settling for a property choice, you need to ask yourself a few questions and answer them. These questions include: 

  • Do I prefer the privacy of a remote area or the convenience of an urban setting?
  • Are amenities that I can’t do without, present in this community? 
  • If you have kids, do you see nearby schools and essential services that will meet their needs? 

Another thing to consider in purchasing at a private or public owned airport.  If you are interested in purchasing in a public airport, get a lawyer to protect your interest. 


This article clearly shows how interesting living in a Fly-in community, Residential AirPark is.

The development of Fly-in communities is increasing every year, this lifestyle is becoming the norm in most modern developed countries. 

I hope this article satisfies your curiosity about Fly-in communities and how to get involved.

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