Why Choose Ridge Landing?

We are one hour south of Orlando and one hour east of Tampa Bay. That puts us about equal distance between Jacksonville to the north, and Miami to the south. Just a one hour drive in any direction can take you to a new adventure. We are the perfect location for all!

Near Our Location
An Hour Drive Away

And More!


Enjoy our local fishing report and our fishing pond at Ridge Landing! There are also over 88 lakes Near by.




We have over 100 golf courses surrounding us, some being world renouned courses. Bring your clubs and enjoy the sun!

Shooting Ranges

Opportunity for you to use near Ridge Landing Airpark & more ranges around us!

Orange Groves

Enjoy fresh oranges at local orange groves & locally owned farms! 

State Parks

Visit Florida’s State Parks with some of the most beautiful natural scenery and enjoy the adventures! 


Take your boat to Crooked Lake close by or enjoy one of the other many lakes with boat ramps near by from the link below!

Coming Soon!

We are underway to building our seaplane base and beach club, Exclusive to Ridge Landing property owners

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