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Ridge Landing Airpark is the premier aviation community in Central Florida. Pilots have exclusive access to a gated and secured residential airpark featuring a 3000’ X 60’ (914m X 18m) paved and lit runway.

We have a broad background in real estate and we see how the pieces should be put together. We start with a dream, then a vision, and then we create that vision.

Ridge Landing Airpark is a totally unique airpark built to create the feeling of being in a park in which the land and nature have been enabled to retain it’s character, yet it’s entire focus in on aviation, and flying. A perfect spot for those who have float planes or amphibian aircraft as we are located right next to Crooked Lake and offer Pilots docking at the Ridge Landing Lakehouse.

Our CEO has been in the land development business since 1967.
Picture is John Fazzini his wife Chita and The Grandchildren: Giovanni, Alessandra, and Mariella. December 2012. — with Giovanni Alessandro Fazzini, at Fazzini.

The paved runway is 3000′ x 60′ (914m x 18m) Elevation is 144’ (44m) above sea level
Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF) is 122.9 Coordinates are 15 and 33.
Longitude is 27º45’19.21 Latitude is 81º35’59.05”W

An Address within the community – 4511 Lindbergh Drive, Frostproof, FL 33843.