Residential Airpark Lots and Airport Homes 1-15

Airpark Lots and Residential Airport Homes 1-15


Once you land on the paved runway taxi your general aviation aircraft along Florida preserved woodlands directly to your backyard hangar home.

There are 2 airport homes constructed and 2 more will be built this year leaving 11 airpark properties for sale. All properties extend past the lagoon to the fence; many of our residents enjoy growing oranges and other fruits within the aviation community.

With gorgeous lagoons and preserved woodlands these properties are to your left when you enter Ridge Landing from U.S. Highway 27. Lots 1-15 are ideal for anyone looking to live in a luxury aviation community in Florida.

Approximate Measurements for you to build airport homes and hangar homes:
• Acres: .92 3723m2
• 106′ X 408′ 123m X 30m

Never push your general aviation aircraft again, come in from the rear and exit through the side as this Airpark Property has access to the grass taxiway from the rear and side!

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