Fire up your engine, and take your aircraft up to the Florida Panhandle for a day full of waterfront activities and a unique look at some of the Sunshine State’s fishing and oyster histories. If you fly into Apalachicola Regional Airport, the trip is 248 miles from Ridge Landing, leaving room for an entire day of exploration.

Upon your arrival to Apalachicola, you should gear up for a great day on the water. A hat to shield the sun and a pair of shoes that don’t require socks will be just what you need to get the ultimate experience at this quaint fishing destination.

Historical Quirks

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If you’re looking for R&R, this small, northwestern Florida town is just the place to spend the day. Quiet, serene and full of friendly faces, you’ll love the slow pace that asks nothing of you. You can spend your day on a fishing charter, or if you’re interested in learning more about this timber, cotton and seafaring port, there are plenty of history-rich museums and galleries offering factual nuggets great for trivia enthusiasts.

Check out the John Gorrie State Museum, named after the man who invented the ice machine, and then visit the old Dixie Theatre to enjoy live music and entertainment in a refurbished venue that screams historic southern charm.

Head to the Dixie Theatre’s schedule to see which upcoming show you can catch. When your day is slowing down, stop by and find unique souvenirs at Grady Market, which has just about anything you might be looking for.

Fresh Oysters, Anyone?

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If you’d rather stay on dry land and want to experience ultimate leisure, consider taking an edible tour of Apalachicola. Kick back at one of the local seafood joints to enjoy some of the best oysters you’ve ever had. Situated just behind the Apalachicola Bay, many oystermen can be found here fishing up the next fresh batch served at almost every restaurant in town.

Try some of the world-famous oysters at Boss Oyster, but don’t fill up too much. There are many other local spots serving up fresh seafood that you’ll want to sink your teeth into, like a giant fish sandwich from Apalachicola Seafood Grill.

One thing is for sure, if you’re a fan of nautical fare and love to escape reality every now and then, a trip to Apalachicola awaits. Flying in from Ridge Landing couldn’t be easier, and everything you need is right near the Apalachicola Regional Airport. Visit the Florida Panhandle today and explore a whole new territory.

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