When you think of South Florida, you probably think about the glitz and glam of Miami Beach. And while you can find plenty of things to do in Miami should you fly down south, there is a city just north of there that has all the perks of the city, just at a slower pace. Meet Fort Lauderdale, a southeastern beach city touting nightlife and seaside fun. Just a half-hour drive from Miami, Fort Lauderdale is 147 miles from Ridge Landing, which means you can transport from central Florida to the shining sands of South Florida in a jiffy.

People who don’t know about Fort Lauderdale aren’t aware of just how much it offers. Situated right along A1A, a coastal drive following the Atlantic Ocean, the city has plenty of aquatic activities as well as some leisurely things to do. Take advantage of your privileges living at Ridge Landing Airpark and take the plane out for a trip to the south. Below is all you need to know for a day or weekend trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

1. Beach it

ft laudy

The beach is must-do activity when you’re dealing with some of the most vibrant waters of the Florida coast. Much less crowded than the littered shorelines of South Beach in Miami, Fort Lauderdale Beach is the perfect place to get some reading in or soak up the sun. However, if you want to avoid throngs of spring breakers, avoid visiting during March and April.

2. Cruise the Intracoastal


The waterways in Fort Lauderdale are perhaps some of the most interesting details of the area. Well-manicured weaving past stunning mansions with the yachts to match, the Intracoastal Waterway is a fantastic avenue to absorb your surroundings and marvel at beautiful boats and homes. Cruise through via taxi, or take the Jungle Queen riverboat cruise through the New River if you have family in tow or want a structured sightseeing visit.

3. Stroll Las Olas


If you enjoy great dining and drinks, you’ll love Las Olas Boulevard. It’s a “mini Rodeo Drive” as one TripAdvisor reviewer called it, offering a slew of interesting bars, boutiques, and restaurants along a sidewalk that reaches from the beach inward. This Boulevard is the heartbeat of downtown Fort Lauderdale.

4. See Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

Credit: Doug Waldron

Credit: Doug Waldron

Steal away from the sunny beaches if you prefer to enjoy a different side of South Florida’s nature. Head to Hugh Taylor Birch State Park and either put your walking shoes to work or consult the help of something a little more advanced. You can take part in a segway tour through the winding trails of gorgeous greenery as you spot large iguanas special to South Florida. If you end up going to Hugh Taylor Birch State Park hit up Luiz Centenaro to get your picture taken with the Banyan Trees.

5. Visit the Antique Car Museum


For history buffs and auto enthusiasts alike, the Fort Lauderdale Antique Car Museum will give you a history lesson in the American automobile industry through Packards. See how everything has evolved, and take a look at old auto parts like hood ornaments and cigarette lighters.

6. Check out the Stranahan House

stranahan house

Florida has some of the most interesting state history in the United States of America. Being discovered early on, the state has evolved throughout the years to hold very important pieces of the USA’s development. If you’re curious to see a piece of old Fort Lauderdale, visit the Stranahan House for a walk-through guided by a knowledgeable historian.

7. Get a dose of aviation history


We couldn’t give you guys a list of things to do and see without letting you know about the aviation-related activities! If your idea of getting to know the history of the area is through the military, you’ll be pleased to know that you can visit the Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale Museum to see an array of interesting exhibits.