From Ridge Landing Airpark to Homestead Executive Jet Center, the trip is 169 statute miles to X51, taking you from central Florida all the way down to central South Florida – Homestead. Homestead is a lesser-known destination for South Florida cities, but it’s got much different activities to offer than the high maintenance clubs of Miami.

ridge landing to homestead

A much more rural place to visit than, say, the beaches of Fort Lauderdale, Homestead is the place to visit if you’re seeking fun fueled by a hometown feeling atmosphere with the comfort of a big city (Miami) just thirty miles away. Consider Homestead your “home” away from home.

Car Enthusiast Entertainment

sean gardner car racing

Credit: Sean Gardner/Getty Images

If you’re a NASCAR lover or simply find exhilaration in automobiles that go fast, you need to visit the Homestead Miami Speedway. Holding a variety of events each month, you’re sure to find something fun to watch during your mini vacation to Homestead. For example, on Fridays, the speedway opens the lanes to the public, where street-legal cars race 1/8 mile in Fast Lane Friday, and someone is crowned NASCAR victorious.

The track calendar is full of information, providing details and admission fees for each event scheduled. See what you’ll be able to catch while you’re in town! It could be a cool Friday night outing or a fun Sunday activity – it’s up to you.

For History Honchos

Do old military bases and cool “Did you know?” facts fascinate you? Are you curious about America’s armed forces history and love learning about the ways operation was conducted? Then you’ll find the Nike Hercules Missile Site a must-see during your trip to Homestead.

A Cold War relic, this missile base is located in the Everglades National Park, and is essentially exactly the same as it was when it terminated official use in 1979. It was built immediately following the Cuban Missile Crisis (October 1962), during the height of the Cold War, when national security against a possible Soviet Union attack was at all-time high.

The area includes 22 buildings, and as of 2004, it is listed with U.S. Department of the Interior’s National Register of Historic Places as a historic district. There are guided tours available, but only through December to April; visit the schedule to plan your trip accordingly.

An Unexplained Masterpiece

coral castle museum

If during your trip to Homestead you want to see something you’ve never seen before, then look no further than Coral Castle Museum. This unique accomplishment is just as unusual as it is interesting. What’s the story?

Well, in the 1940’s, a 100-pound, 5-foot man named Ed Leedskalnin began to create his “fantasy world” of a sculpture garden. He would ask intrigued passersby to pay 10 cents to see his creation, Coral Castle.

The most mysterious and interesting part about Coral Castle is the question of how this small man was able to move giant stone sculptures to build such a beautiful space. No one ever witnessed him make it, and some people say he possessed some “supernatural powers.” His explanation? He claimed he knew the secrets of the ancient pyramids.

Coral Castle Museum opens daily at 8 a.m., and there are audio guides for a self-guided tour.

Homestead’s Best Kept Secret

For a cuisine you didn’t know you craved, head over to Chefs on the Run when hunger strikes. The restaurant has received great awards, winning the coveted“Best Bite on the Beach” chosen by Miami New Times during a grand tasting South Beach Food and Wine Fest… back-to-back! The eatery is also the recipient of many TripAdvisor Certificates of Excellence for Assorted Cuisine.

But don’t take someone else’s word for it – you’ve got to do a little testing yourself, don’t you think? Described as Caribbean fusion, the food here is not only unconventional but also unexpected for Homestead. Visitors rave about the burgers, double fried mofongo, and chipotle mac and crack, but pretty much everything on the menu received high reviews.

Just plan your trip right, because this must-eat is closed on Sundays and Mondays.