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A view of the George T. Lewis Airport runway from a single engine airplane.

While the name may have anyone new to the area thinking Cedar Key is one of the infamous Florida Keys, this quaint little area is actually on the Gulf coast and about an hour drive Southwest of Gainesville. However, just because it isn’t a small piece of land sitting in the ocean, there are still beautiful sites to see – and we’re going to tell you just what they are.

Flying Into George T. Lewis Airport

When you’re planning your trip to Cedar Key, Florida – the most convenient airport would be the George T. Lewis Airport which is a little less than a mile from Cedar’s main amusements. Defined as an “old fashioned” vacation spot, Cedar Key is kind of like a tropical version of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. With lush nature walks, preserved parks, great fishing spots, and a lack of traffic lights, this is the best low-key location to get away for a few days.

It’s recommended that those who wish to pilot their own plane are experienced with shorter, publically owned runways. Due to the location and lack of traffic, there is no tie down fee – also, no mechanic or fuel station – and little tie down spaces on the runway so, you may need to tie down on the grass.

What To See In Cedar Key?

Florida Travelers

Cedar Key has built a respectful reputation for it’s wildlife preserves.

If you love nature, Cedar Key is the perfect getaway. There are countless activities you can do, including, but by no means limited to:

  • Fishing (flats or pier)
  • Canoeing
  • Sailing
  • Have a beach day
  • Bird watching

Or, if you’re not really into those types of activities, there are plenty of places to visit in town. Whether you want some amazingly fresh, Florida seafood or to go shopping in some of the old town boutiques, Cedar Key has everything and it’s just a short flight from our Ridge Landing Airpark.

Florida Travelers

Plan your trip to Cedar Key today and take off from our Ridge Landing runway – exclusive access to our airpark residents.