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For a beach getaway that’s a little more low-key than those on the southeast coast of Florida, navigate your way to the west coast for calm waves and a slower pace.

Today, we’re taking our Ridge Landing residents on a hypothetical trip to Fort Myers and Cape Coral–two lovely cities on the southwestern coast of Florida that are an easy trip from our airpark.

If you’ve been wanting to take your aircraft somewhere but just weren’t sure where to jet off to next, check out the below things to do in Fort Myers/ Cape Coral.

The area is best known for its beaches, fishing, and shopping, so if you have shopaholic co-pilot to tag along, the two of you will have plenty of fun activities to choose from when you land. Speaking of landing, are you wondering where to fly into?

The Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) is an 85-mile flight from your backyard, and it puts you within distance of both Fort Myers and Cape Coral.

So, what are you waiting for? Fill up the fuel tank and start scribbling down your itinerary! The Gulf coast of Florida awaits you.

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Sometimes the best trips taken are the ones unexpected. Instead of frequenting your favorite local restaurant next weekend, why not get out of town for a day and explore lesser known parts of the state you live in? You never know what new favorite restaurants you’ll discover, and you’ll get to bask in the feeling of being on vacation without the work of being on vacation.

Our Ridge Park Landing Residents have the unmatched opportunity to travel across the large state of Florida at any moment’s notice. They don’t have to dread the hours-long car ride home, and they don’t have to waste any time getting to their destination, either. As a Ridge resident, all you have to do is start your personal aircraft, choose where to go, and soar away.

If you feel like you’re running out of interesting things to do or destinations to fly into, we’ve got a new one for you to check out. Set your goals on Palm Bay and Melbourne, Florida, where you’ll fly into the Melbourne International Airport, just 63 miles away. These cities are situated on the east coast and are full of aquatic activities that are perfect for our Ridge residents to enjoy.

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We love being in central Florida–we get the best of both worlds! There are plenty of lakes nearby, but if you crave the beach, it’s just a short drive or flight away to either coast. Even better, we’re not confined to just visiting the closest destinations within driving distance, because our residents at Ridge Landing have the luxury of being able to fly anywhere in the state for a getaway without the grueling airport layovers.

Today we’re highlighting a trip from Ridge Landing Airpark to north Florida. Why? Because for our residents, it’s only 189 statute miles from their backyards to Jacksonville, Florida. A day trip is easy when you have your aircraft at your disposal, and we want you to take advantage of all the perks being a Ridge resident has to offer! Jacksonville is the largest city by population in Florida, and the 12th largest in the U.S. So when you gear up and get a good co-pilot to take the trip with you… here are the best things to do while visiting Jacksonville. Read More

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When you think of South Florida, you probably think about the glitz and glam of Miami Beach. And while you can find plenty of things to do in Miami should you fly down south, there is a city just north of there that has all the perks of the city, just at a slower pace. Meet Fort Lauderdale, a southeastern beach city touting nightlife and seaside fun. Just a half-hour drive from Miami, Fort Lauderdale is 147 miles from Ridge Landing, which means you can transport from central Florida to the shining sands of South Florida in a jiffy. Read More

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Miami, also known as the Magic City, is home to the Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins, Miami Marlins, and the best Cuban food in America. (Don’t tell Tampa.) The vibrant metropolis is known for its flashy nightclubs and sun-soaked sands on Miami Beach as well as the beautiful people who live there.

The lifestyle is extravagant and completely different than anywhere else in the U.S.

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There’s a whole lot of Florida to explore, and luckily for Ridge Landing residents, our central location in the sunshine state makes flying out to any destination in the state a cinch. All kinds of tropical getaways and historical destinations await you and your aircraft to touchdown. One of the locally loved places to sightsee in Florida is the historically charming city of St. Augustine.

Playing an integral part in America’s history, St. Augustine was the place Juan Ponce de Leon of Spain first landed when he discovered Florida in 1513, making this city the oldest in America. Fast-forward a few hundred years, and this town on the northeastern coast of Florida remains a beautiful piece of history overflowing with interesting sights and things to do for visitors from all over the world.

As a Ridge Landing Airpark resident, you’re incredibly lucky to be able to hop into your aircraft and fly 153 statute miles to the Northeast Florida Regional Airport, which is nestled just a few miles from downtown St. Augustine, a simple cab ride is all the stands between you and the below seven best things to do while you’re visiting this city. Many of the historical attractions can be found as part of hop-off trolley tours, so it might be worth it to look into those as well. Read More

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Flying out for a day or weekend trip is one of the many perks residents of Ridge Landing Airpark get to indulge in. When your aircraft can hang out in your backyard, it seems that any other mode of transportation is just silly. So when you live in the middle of Florida, it’s quite tempting not to take a getaway trip to one of the many destinations the Sunshine State has to offer.  Read More